High Performance Computing

The High Performance Computing (HPC) system is a cluster of servers capable of running large computational projects that other hardware may not be able to.

Acceptable Use Policy

This policy is subject to change without notice as new circumstances are encountered.
This system is also subject to the Binghamton University Acceptable Use Policy.

Who may access the HPC system?

  • Any authorized Binghamton University faculty.
  • Any authorized Binghamton University student with the sponsorship of a faculty member.

How may I gain access to the HPC system?

  • Submit the appropriate form found below and wait for a response from the Watson Computing staff.
  • Users are required to monitor the e-mail account they supply and respond to any Watson Computing emails they receive in a timely manner.

How much does it cost to use this system?

  • This system is currently provided at no cost to the user. However, a fee structure is under development and users may be charged in the future.

Any users who abuse the HPC system will have their access suspended indefinitely at the discretion of the Watson Computing staff.

Applying for Access

You must read the acceptable use policy before applying for access to the HPC system. Once your application has been reviewed by the Watson Computing Staff, you will receive an email regarding your access. If you are granted access, this email will include a password, referred to as your "cluster password".


HPC Faculty Account Request Form

For any questions or comments, feel free to contact Don Kunkel or Phillip Valenta