To access the HPC system you must use the virtual machine (VM) that has been assigned to you when your account was created. If you do not have an HPC account, your faculty sponsor can request an account for you. HPC Faculty Account Request Form

Your VM will have the same version of MATLAB as the cluster along with the standard toolbox load and the Parallel Computing Toolbox. If additional toolboxes are required, you will need to contact Don Kunkel or Phillip Valenta .

Mapping your home directory on the HPC cluster:

  1. Open “Computer” (“My Computer” on Windows XP)
  2. Click "Map network drive" on the top bar
  3. Select any drive letter you prefer (Y is recommended)
  4. In the folder box type "\\\*your BU username*"
    • You will need to select "Connect using different credentials"
    • If you would like this network drive to appear every time you log on to this computer, check the box that says "Reconnect at logon"
  5. Click "Finish"
  6. When prompted, select "Use another account"
  7. Input your Binghamton University username with ".\" before it and your assigned cluster password when prompted
    ex:Login Prompt
    then click okay
    • You should now see this network drive in "Computer" ("My Computer") and be able to save and load data from it

Configuring MATLAB:

  1. Open MATLAB
  2. Click "File" then "Set Path"
  3. Click "Add Folder"
  4. Next to "Folder:", in the text box type this: \\\matlab\remotesubmission\12a
  5. Click "Save", then click "Close"
  6. In the MATLAB prompt type "configCluster('Y:\'). This assumes you mapped your Spiedie directory to the Y drive, if not replace appropriately.
  7. Click the "Parallel" tab and then select "Manage Cluster Profiles"
  8. Select the "SpiedieRemote" Cluster Profile
  9. In the "Properties" menu click the "Edit" button, and alter the the text underlined in this image
    • Change "Y" to whichever letter you mapped your home directory to. If you used "Y" you may skip this step.
    • Change "USERNAME" to your Binghamton University username
  10. Go to the "Validation Results" tab and run the validation tool
    • When prompted, enter your Binghamton University username and your cluster password

    • Everything should validate, except for the "Pool Test", which will always fail
    • Here is what you should see when the validation is complete
      Matlab Validation Results
  11. Now you may run a MATLAB project as normal, and it will be completed on the HPC cluster
  12. To view the progress of your jobs and to view your available directories, you may visit the Platform Computing webpage and login with your BU username and your cluster password

For any questions or comments, feel free to contact Don Kunkel or Phillip Valenta